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I’ve had big dreams as long as I can remember. Success. Money. Leadership. Flexibility. Those were some of my biggest goals and aspirations.


I also suffered from perfectionism. The fear of failure. Unwillingness to be vulnerable because I was afraid of what other people might think if I put myself and my ideas out there. 


I self-sabotaged before I even started something because I’d tell myself

  • “I don’t have enough experience.”
  • “I don’t have the right credentials.”
  • “I don’t know enough.”
  • “It doesn’t come naturally to me.”

Unmotivated. Lazy. Insecure. Indecisive. Unsure. Those were the feelings I had about myself. But really, I was STUCK. 


Stuck in a cycle:

  1. Come up with a new, great idea that will make me “successful.” Get really excited.
  2. Do lots of intense research on the topic – what to do, how to do it, and maybe even start working on it by taking a class, beginning to make a website, etc.
  3. Decide I’m not good enough, there are already enough people out there doing the same thing, I’ll never be able to compare or compete with others, I don’t have any experience, and I can’t do it.
  4. Scratch all the work I’d already done. Move on to think of my next new idea. Repeat steps 1-4. 

I knew I wasn’t content with where I was. There was more for myself that I wanted. I wanted to have more control in my life. But I just couldn’t get there. 


Then I became a mom.


And I needed those things. I needed flexibility. I loved being a mom AND I needed to be more. Not just for myself, but because doing other meaningful things that fulfilled me made me a better mom. 


And I wanted my daughter to see that women can be passionate, driven, successful, good with money, and good at making money. 


I’m living that life, the one I created for myself, and I want to help you get there, too. Because you CAN get there. You deserve it.


    • Maybe you want to make more money, but don’t know how.
    • Maybe you’ve got big goals but can never seem to take action to get there.
    • Maybe you want to do something you’re passionate about, but you don’t even know what your “passion” is or how to find it.


I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. And I know what it’s like trying to do all those things with a little one.


Let’s talk about how we can work together to move you forward.

Let's Talk about how we can work together to move you forward

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In my work with coaching clients, I use knowledge, tools, and techniques I’ve practiced from both my bachelor’s degree in psychology, and my master’s degree in mental health counseling. 


That being said, it’s important to know that while I’m licensed as a therapist, I’m not your therapist, and coaching and therapy are different.


During my four years as a counselor, I’ve worked in almost every possible setting I could. I thought I would most love working with kids, but I quickly learned that working with children actually means working with parents.


It was in that work that I found what ignited my passion, creativity, and heart: working with moms and seeing them as MORE than moms. To many people in their lives, “mom” was their identity now. 


But what about all the other parts of them?


The woman taking night classes to finish her degree and provide a better life for her family.

The person putting in 60 hour work weeks in a corporate office to work her way up the ladder.

The mom who found so much personal healing through journaling that she decided to write a book to share her own story.

The mom who loved art, movies, nights out with her girlfriends, and jamming to some TSwift. 


And all the moms who knew they wanted more for themselves but didn’t know how to get there while so entangled in being “mom” that they felt like no other options could even exist. 

Walking with these women opened my eyes to what’s possible when moms chase their dreams. Having my own baby only amplified this for me, and now it’s my mission to use my tools, knowledge, talents, and dreams to help as many women as possible achieve theirs.

Let's Dig Deeper


Partnering with ambitious moms to find and achieve their biggest dreams AND be fully present with their children.


Every mom I work with will be a positive role model to her children, lead them by example, and show them they can do anything - because she can, too.

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