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It's Your Turn

Whether you have a bundle of joy or a few little monsters, you didn’t say no to having dreams and passion.

You can design a life you want and be a mom. At the same time.

You don’t need a magical potion, you need practical and attainable goals.

As an experienced coach for moms who want more, I can help.

Coach for moms who want more


I'm Emilie Cleaver.

I’m a coach for moms who love their children, AND need to be called something other than "mom" sometimes! Moms who are tired, stressed, feeling stuck, ready to make a change for themselves, and don't know how. I help you set goals and actually make them happen so you can change the trajectory of your life.

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Let's Talk About Your Sitch

Are you feeling stuck? 

At a dead-end job? 

Have no idea what to do next? 


Is there a box for all of the above?
Mama, I feel you because this was


I wasn’t content with where I was.

I wanted more for myself.

Wanted more control over my life and how I spent my time.

But I just couldn’t get there. 


Then I became a mom.


And I needed those things. I needed flexibility. I loved being a mom AND I needed to be more. Not just for myself, but because doing other meaningful things that fulfilled me made me a better mom. 


 I wanted my daughter to see that women can be passionate, driven, successful, good with money, and good at making money. 

I’m living that life, the one I created for myself, and I want to help you get there, too. Because you CAN get there.

You deserve it.

Let's Be Real

You love being a mom. But that's not all you are. And that's okay. I'm a coach for moms who NEED to be more than moms - without feeling guilty about it. Let's let the other parts of you shine, too.

Let's Connect

I want you to feel safe and listened to. I want our conversations to be about everything you need and nothing you don’t.

One-on-one coach for moms

Coaching Package

#MomGoals coaching program

3-month program to identify your goals and priorities and jump-start your progress

What's Included:
• Work with a coach who understands your life as a busy mom, and your desire to be more than "mom"
• Weekly one-on-one online video coaching and accountability sessions for 12 weeks
• An individualized coaching plan outlining your priorities, goals, any potential barriers, and action steps
• Detailed notes sent to you after each session with action steps to complete before your next session
• Mindset work throughout our time together to keep you on track and break down mental roadblocks
• Availability by email between sessions, with email check-ins regularly
• A thorough review and celebration of your progress and a plan to ensure you're ready to keep moving forward even after our 3 months together are over

Total Fee: $1,500 paid in full or three payments of $550

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Emilie Cleaver - Coach for moms
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